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Misinformation and Social Cohesion


The Reos Institute hosts the Shared Realities Project, a global and multi-local initiative for strengthening social cohesion and resilience in an age of information disorder. The initiative will convene diverse stakeholders across geographies and disciplines in a process applying transformative scenarios, human-centered design, and action learning. 

We will work in specific places with stakeholders actively grappling with the challenges of information disorder, as well as those seeking to build resilience to it. In each local context, multi-stakeholder teams will form and collaborate, building a set of future scenarios and collaborative actions for influence in their location, while drawing on a shared set of frameworks and materials.


The country-level networks will be connected and supported via a global learning platform and a global network of champions and thought leaders. They will also inform global level dialogues and strategies. In this way, we will cultivate an evolving ecosystem of connected changemakers who are committed to catalysing positive feedback loops between healthy information ecosystems and social cohesion. 


Intended results: 

  • A broadened solution space beyond the digital and information realms 

  • Enhanced and articulated visibility of global drivers and local implications of mis- and disinformation, applied to influence key decision-makers towards institutional changes in relation to these drivers 

  • Collaborative actions (niche innovations) within and across sectors, communities and organisations targeted at shifting the negative feedback loop between misinformation and erosion of social cohesion 

  • A sustained change ecosystem that bridges silo’ed thematic areas and cultivates both visibility and action to enhance the relationship between social cohesion and healthy information environments 

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