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Plastic Polluted Ocean

Ocean Sustainability


The Institute serves as the secretariat and convenor for the Sustainable Oceans Lab platform which works to enhance the sustainable management of our marine ecosystems globally. The Sustainable Oceans Lab hosts events and processes bringing together ocean stakeholders to develop a systemic perspective and collaborative actions for ocean sustainability. 

Between 2015 and 2016, the Lab brought together stakeholders involved in oceans management from around the world to develop their capacity to effectively lead complex change initiatives and bring diverse and divergent interests of the oceans system into dialogue, as well as to develop new solutions to collaboratively address global oceans management.


Since then, the Lab has in collaboration with WWF supported a multi-stakeholder group to develop scenarios for the Northern Mozambique Channel, and convened to examine the complex, extensive, and uncertain implications of the COVID-19 pandemic on ocean sustainability through collaboration and systems perspective. 


Intended results: 


  • New innovative solutions to collaboratively address sustainable oceans management 

  • Adaptation of existing solutions for sustainable oceans management 

  • Identification and collaborative action to remove systemic obstacles to sustainable oceans management

  • Enhanced coordination and decision-making among stakeholders who are interdependent in relation to specific ocean ecosystems

  • Enhanced collaborative capabilities among ocean stakeholders 

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