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Circle of people

People- Centred Justice


The Reos Institute partners with the Hague Institute for Innovation of Law to convene justice stakeholders in multiple countries in order to build an enabling environment for people-centred justice and to support justice innovation. The Justice Transformation Labs combine an evidence-based and evidence-building approach with a participatory and inclusive process that engages diverse stakeholders and ensures ownership of solutions. 

Through the labs, the stakeholders build a shared understanding of a people-centred approach to justice, develop justice goals to address pressing justice needs in a specific country context, identify game-changing innovations and pathways, strengthen relationships and build justice leadership. This work is informing an evolving knowledge base of methodology and tools for participatory and evidence-based justice transformation. 


Intended results: 

  • Investable opportunities for scalable justice innovations

  • People-centred and stakeholder-owned justice strategies including goals and pathways for specific geographies (countries/regions) 

  • An enabling institutional environment for people-centred justice and justice innovation 

  • Networks of empowered justice leaders who embrace a people-centred justice approach and have a shared understanding of what this means 

  • Codified methodologies and tools in support of people-centred justice and evidence-based, participatory justice transformation processes

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