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The Shared Realities Project

The Shared Realities Project is a global and multi-local initiative for strengthening social cohesion and resilience in an age of information disorder. The project addresses the pervasive feedback loop between mis- and disinformation on the one hand and erosion of social cohesion on the other, which is exacerbating vulnerabilities to key challenges of our time including climate change, inequality, discrimination, human rights violations, conflict, and threats to democracy.

The project works in specific places with stakeholders actively grappling with the challenges of information disorder, as well as those seeking to build resilience to it. In each situated context, multi-stakeholder teams form and collaborate, building a set of future scenarios and collaborative actions for influence in their location.

These situated processes draw on a shared set of frameworks and materials. They are connected and supported via a global learning platform and a global network of champions and thought leaders. They also inform global level dialogues and strategies.

In this way, the Shared Realities project cultivates an evolving ecosystem of connected change-makers who are committed to catalysing positive feedback loops between healthy information ecosystems and social cohesion.

Visit the dedicated project website here.


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