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Mariella Regh, Manager, Access to Insurance Initiative

“We have been working with Reos Partners in our Inclusive Insurance Innovation Lab for several years now and it has been an incredible and impactful journey so far. The Reos team are experts at making multi-stakeholder collaboration work – whether in a face-to-face or virtual context. They have never shied away from readapting the workshop design when the team's needs changed and have found great solutions to make online work fun and tangible. They make participants feel valued and manage to bring everybody’s voice into the process. We have achieved tremendous results and are looking forward to continuing the work!”

Charles Clermont, Convening team of Kafou Leswpa, Haiti

“Kafou Lespwa (KL) is an independent and multi-partisan collaborative platform where a great diversity of leaders mingle.

With Reos Partners, we have been blessed to enjoy a very rare combination of strong guidance, a rigorous process, well coached local facilitators, with the freedom of interactions among the participants. I believe that it was this wonderful blend that accounted  for a smooth movement from divergence through emergence, toward convergence! As a member of the Convening Team, the experience left me with awe. I look forward for a repeat. Bravo Reos!”

Sam Muller, CEO, HiiL

“Together with our friends from Reos Partners we have pioneered a new approach to contribute to the realisation of SDG16 - access to justice for all. We call it justice transformation. Reos has helped us organize and hold the deep conversations between justice leaders that are needed for that - conversations that are not about shallow change but deep transformation. Our inspiring partnership embodies the power of difference: between HiiL and Reos and between the justice leaders.”

Fah Snidwongse, Secretary General, Scenario Thailand Foundation

“Reos Partners is truly expert in facilitating immersive and participatory conversations to create collaboration among parties in disagreement and conflict. We have witnessed difficult topics brought to the table and discussed in depth and amicably. The results have been not only eye-opening but also enjoyable, engaging, and impactful.”

Mark Abbott, Managing Director, Engineering Change Lab Canada

“Reos Partner’s work helped inspire the Engineering Change Lab and their support has been critical to its success. I really appreciate how they leverage best practices from cutting edge systems, change efforts around the world, and work with us to customize the approach for our specific context. Now that we’re a more “mature” social lab that is increasingly breaking new ground, we really appreciate the role Reos plays as a central learning hub for a wide range of systems change efforts.” 

Véronica Baz, Executive Director, Méxicos Posibles

“Méxicos Posibles has been working with Reos Partners for five years to create systemic change in our country. Drawing on their international perspective and years of experience, Reos has brought a solid theory of change and an outstanding body of practice that has enabled us to generate connection and collaboration among diverse stakeholder leaders.”


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