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Changing the game on systems collaboration

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The Reos Institute is an international non-profit working to tackle crucial societal challenges through enhancing systems leadership and collaboration. We are part of the global Reos network, which has been leading systems change initiatives for decades.

Current Initiative

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Misinformation and Social Cohesion
Learn more about the Shared Realities project

We now live in a world that is, in its deepest essence, complex and turbulent … we can prosper in that world only if all sectors – public, private, and non-governmental – are constantly engaged in collaborative experiments in new ways of living.

Thomas Homer-Dixon

How we work


Supporting and sustaining systemic, inclusive and equitable multi-stakeholder efforts


Building and exercising the collaborative capabilities needed to succeed together


Leveraging the knowledge the world has to offer towards informed, effective collaboration

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An innovative collaboration space to advance complex systems change

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