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Sustainable Fashion Collaboration

Since 2016, The Reos Institute in Brazil has supported the Sustainable Fashion Collaboration, bringing together diverse leaders in Brazil, including garment workers, retail giants, the public sector, academia, associations and unions, institutes and foundations, international organisations, civil society organisations, media and others. The collaboration has been prototyping initiatives with systemic-level impact focused on challenges related to labour issues, social inequalities, consumption patterns, the product life cycle, quality of education and training, use of technology and the predominant business model.

The results include:

  • New and strengthened relationships and partnerships between the different stakeholders in the garment and clothing supply chains

  • Shared commitment to addressing common concerns such as sustainability, fair working conditions, and reduction of gender, ethnicity and class inequalities in the sector

  • Tested solutions for the core challenges and a resilient platform for collaboration

  • Financial support mechanisms, notably creation of a fund to support SMEs in the fashion industry to survive and thrive


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