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Paper Abstract


In this decisive decade, the ability to enable peace, prosperity and dignity within the planet’s natural boundaries is being hampered by persistent and evolving dynamics of fragmentation, polarization and conflict. We focus on three central and intersecting crises and their associated transitions with the objective of advancing cohesion across societies, economies and ecosystems. 



We live in a context where information is spreading further, faster and can be segmented so effectively that people essentially live in different realities. Concerted action is required to uphold social cohesion: the relationships of trust and connectedness that enable a sense of common good, underpin the social contract between citizens and governments, and allow societies to deal with difference and conflict in inclusive, non-violent and non-coercive ways. 



Fundamental transformations are underway towards aligning the economy with environmental and social wellbeing, reflecting a paradigm shift from extractive to regenerative and cohesive economies. This entails building economies that work for planet and people, including those that have been historically disadvantaged or marginalized, and prioritizing long-term value over short-term extraction.



The health and resilience of our natural ecosystems depend on the actions and responsibilities of diverse and interdependent stakeholders often across sectors, perspectives, traditions, and boundaries. We support new approaches to stewarding scarce natural resources and to collaborating across divergent interests to address socio-ecological challenges

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